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Midland Certified Reagent Company, Inc.

Leader in Quality DNA and RNA Oligos and Polymers Production

Your research and Our Faith Making a Better World Today and Tomorrow For Everyone

Your Choice of Over 400 Modifications for Oligos

Including Phosphotyrosine & Thiazole Orange

Providing COVID-19 research and all other virus research

Synthetic RNA For CRISPR Genome Editing

Certified by Mass Spectrometry

We Offer Competitive Pricing

A Woman Owned Small Business

Please Email sandy@oligos.com for quotes, orders and information.

Your research will benefit from our 35 years as the leader in DNA, RNA, and LNA oligonucleotide synthesis. MCRC pioneered the use of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry as a quality assurance measure; a technique that has become the gold standard for the industry. We remain committed today to providing the highest quality products researchers around the globe.

For your research needs, we provide modifications from one to seventeen in a single oligo and can add more from 50 nanomole to 15 micromole scale of synthesis and in amounts from 1 ODU to 1 gram and beyond.

You can order from 400 modifications including Phosphortyosine,Fluorophores,Degeneracies,Quenchers,Minor Nucleotides,Backbone Modifications,Custom-made Modifications,and Many More

Also available for ordering are dual-labeled probes. Purification modalities offered are HPLC and PAGE purification. Each oligo you order will be QC’ed by mass spectrometry to guarantee you receive a quality certified product, every time. Place your order by email or by calling us to discuss the specific technical challenges your research faces and the custom oligos we will synthesize just for you.

We will listen and try many different aspects of new ideas that any researcher may have. We strive to provide excellent customer service with a person and not just FAQs. We also sell and offer information on such popular products such as:

  • RNA Polymers for RNA Synthesis and other experiments such as nuclear assays and transcriptions.
  • DNA Polymers for DNA Synthesis and other experiments.

Please inquire about LNAs at – sandy@oligos.com. Pricing confirmations from us will include your discounts.

Overseas distributors: if interested, please contact sandy@oligos.com.

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